Child and Adolescent Board Exam Prep

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Child & Adolescent Genius – gain the edge!
Excellent preparation for the Child & Adolescent Board Exam
Video Vignettes, Stand-alone Questions, Study Guides, and Reference Library (see full list below)
(we are one of the few that offers video vignettes)

Score higher on child psych questions 2 Years Access! Access for 1 individual

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Academic Plan
for the 2023-2024 Academic Year

Citrus Health

Psychiatry Genius (16 members)

CAP Board Prep (7 members)

This plan is only for psychiatry residency program at Citrus Health

Resident Genius normally costs $97/yr per user CAP Board Prep normally costs $135/yr per user  

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Each Part contains a block of questions, between 20 to 30, so you gain the advantage of going through questions quickly while grading with ease. You’re not slowed down going through hundreds of questions one at a time like the format found at other companies.


Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Stand-Alone Questions