Why residents choose Psychiatry Genius over Board Vitals, TrueLearn, and Beat the Boards

We offer the most realistic psychiatry practice questions and study material for the APBN Certifying Board Exam and Psychiatry Residency In-Training Exam

We hope that each psychiatry resident passes the PRITE and psychiatry board exam with flying colors. Your success is our success because we at Psychiatry Genius were once psychiatry residents who were frustrated with existing test prep programs. We have put together a powerful team of board-certified psychiatrists. Our team consists of senior members who have written questions for national psychiatry exams, as well as members who have recently taken the board exam and PRITE to give us feedback on what is being tested. We help you succeed during residency with Resident Genius, and then after graduation with Psychiatry Board Prep.

Very thorough and carefully written questions

Our mission is for residents and fellows to solidify their psychiatry knowledge and excel on training and certification exams. To accomplish this requires review material and practice questions on par with what is being taught in residency and fellowship. We have a team of fellowship-trained psychiatrists who write each practice question very carefully to capture the depth and detail residency and fellowship demand, while incorporating the style and focus of the board exam and PRITE.

Lowest prices

Our goal is for all residents in the country to learn a tremendous amount and feel secure in their psychiatric knowledge. While earning enough to run a small company is important to stay in business, we know money can be tight as a resident. This is why we believe in offering reasonable prices for all of our psychiatry prep services. We also offer group discounts. We monitor what TrueLearn, Beat the Boards, and Board Vitals charge to give you better questions at lower prices.

Staying current and relevant

Our own practice questions are updated annually to reflect the focus of the board exam and PRITE. Our research team includes members who have recently taken the APBN Certifying Board Exam and the Psychiatry Residency In-Training Exam to stay current with the scope and focus of exam material. Other board prep companies simply build questions from psychiatric test books with no relevance to the board exam. Why risk the most important exam of your life?

Not just great questions, but great answers to learn from

All questions have in-depth explanations to help you learn as you go. You can learn a tremendous amount just by studying our answers and explanations which are based on information from journals and books. Many answers indicate the source.

Plenty of Neurology to review

We offer the most comprehensive neurology practice questions for the psychiatry board exam. Most students who fail the certifying psychiatry board exam do so because they fail the neurology section. We don’t want that to happen to you, so we put together the best psychiatric-based neurology questions intelligently organized across 13 detailed categories of Brain Cancer and Paraneoplastic Disorders, Cerebrovascular Diseases, Delirium and Dementia, Headache and Neurological Trauma, Infections and Inflammatory Demyelinating Diseases, Metabolic Diseases of the Nervous System, Movement and Degenerative Disorders, Muscle and Neuromuscular Junction Disorders, Neuroanatomy and Neurobiology, Neurological Tests and Imaging, Other Conditions and Disorders, Peripheral and Cranial Nerve Disorders and Diseases, and Sleep and Epilepsy. These show up on the exam, so you need to know them.

You can grade, save, and reset your progress from any interface

Now all the control is in your hands. You can answer as few or as many questions as you wish in a block, and then click the “Grade” button. The correct or incorrect answer will then appear for each question, each with an explanation. You can now save your progress at any time, from any computer, tablet, or phone. Later, when you log in to your account from a different computer, you will see all the questions that you have already answered. Lastly, you can reset each block of questions which will remove saved answers as if new. This allows you to test yourself as many times as you like.

Excellent customer support

Some of our competitors are just websites on autopilot, you sign up but nobody is there. Signing up for a test prep service with nobody supporting it means you will be alone if you ever need assistance. We at Psychiatry Genius pride ourselves on close customer support as our users will attest to. We offer superb customer support and will respond within 24 to 48 hrs including weekends! An Outreach Coordinator will get back to you quickly for any issues.

The proof is in our customers

There is a reason entire residency programs sign up with us. Program directors purchase our test prep services for their residents and return the following year. They are pleased with our quality of questions, fast support, and competitive prices.

What we are not

– We are not an expensive collection of videos that are not very engaging and leave you yawning.
– We are not a large collection of questions that are taken at random from text books and have very little relevance to the board exam.
– We are not going to charge you hundreds of dollars more than other companies.
– We are not a website on autopilot with nobody around to help.

What we are

– We are board certified psychiatrists who were once residents and understand the importance of convenience and tight budgets.
– We are smaller than our competitors so we can charge lower prices.
– We are a team who listens to our users and make changes quickly for your benefit.
– We are a team who cares about each of you to do your best!