Questions and Answers About Psychiatry Genius

General questions

Q. What is Psychiatry Genius?
A. Psychiatry Genius is the leader in test preparation covering the field of Psychiatry.

Q. What do you sell?
A. We currently offer 4 courses: Resident Genius for PRITE prep, Neurology Genius for board exam and PRITE prep, Board Exam Questions, and Board Exam Vignettes. Many of our courses have groups plans:

  1. Board Prep Question Bank – access lasts up until the date of the next board exam, usually in September of each year
  2. Board Prep Clinical Vignettes – access lasts up until the date of the next board exam, usually in September of each year
  3. Resident Genius – access lasts 12 months from the date of purchase
  4. Neurology Genius – access lasts 12 months from the date of purchase

Q. How often do you update material?
A. We update material all the time to stay current with trends in psychiatry. We also update how we deliver material based on user feedback. We care about you guys (because we were once residents too)!

Q. How do your prices compare to other companies?
A. We closely monitor the prices of TrueLearn, BoardVitals, and Beat the Boards to offer very competitive prices on the market. We also offer sales and discounts quite often. We are 100% focused on one subject, and that is psychiatry. This allows us to thrive as a smaller company than those others, allowing us to keep costs down.

Q. How successful is Psychiatry Genius?
A. Psychiatry Genius is growing in leaps and bounds. Each year several hundred new psychiatry residents sign up for our services through individual and group plans. Many residency programs have signed up for our services in the past including those of UCLA, Harvard, and Stanford.

Q. I’m confused, should I sign up for Resident Genius or Board Prep?
A. These two courses are very different. If you are preparing specifically for the board exam then purchase one of the Board Prep plans. If you want to prepare for the PRITE exam, then purchase Resident Genius. They each have their special focused multiple choice questions. Board Prep offers multiple choice questions as well as case vignettes with extensive explanations. Resident Genius offers in-depth review of PRITE topics with integrated multiple choice questions.

Questions about Resident Genius

Q. What is Resident Genius?
A. Resident Genius is an advanced 31-week course for preparation for the PRITE and psychiatry residency, covering most major topics typically taught during psychiatry residency. This program is for students in Psychiatry residency and fellowship training, and is designed specifically to prepare residents for the Psychiatry Residency In-Training Exam (PRITE). Resident Genius offers in-depth study material and interactive practice questions that are similar to what you may see on the PRITE.

Q. How log does a subscription to Resident Genius last?
A. Access lasts for 1 calendar year from the date of purchase.

Questions about Psychiatry Board Prep

Q. How log does a subscription last?
A. Subscriptions end on the final day of the ABPN Certifying Psychiatry Board Exam of the same year in which it was purchased. This means that the price of Board Prep plans go down as the date of the actual board exam draws closer.

Q. Why is Psychiatry Board Prep so unique?
A. First, we offer the highest quality psychiatry questions of all test prep companies. Our questions were voted the best quality above TrueLearn, BoardVitals, and Beat the Boards. Second, our questions use the correct scope and depth for the boards exam. We have psychiatrists on our Advisory Committee who took the board exam last year and review every question. Third, we offer the most neurology practice questions for the board exam. Fourth, our prices are some of the best on the market.

Questions about Academic Plans

Q. Do you offer academic plans?
A. Not exactly; we offer group discounts when a customer purchases one of our group plans. You do not need to be affiliated with an academic program to purchase a group plan. Anyone can purchase a group plan which are found in our Store.

Q. Can more residents, fellows, and faculty be added to a group plan after purchase?
A. No. You would need to purchase another group plan. If you wanted to add more people, then you would purchase a new group plan.

Q. Is there a contract or commitment?
A. No. There is no contract or commitment.

Questions about

Q. What happened to
A. We redesigned the entire website with major improvements in functionality, navigation, and questions. We felt that such hard effort deserved a new website. We also decided that the website needed a new identity to include all test preparation in the field of psychiatry. The name Psychiatry Genius is general enough to include board exam preparation and PRITE preparation.

Q. Did the leadership change?
A. No. Nobody changed. Everybody holds the same position as before because everyone is doing an awesome job.