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Psychiatry 2020 Board Exam preparation
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Over 2,200 stand-alone questions

Written by Board Certified psychiatrists who recently took the board exam

More questions, better questions, and lower prices than Truelearn and Board Vitals

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For The 2020 Psychiatry Board Exam
Matches the official ABPN blueprint topics
9 NEW question banks! Access until September 15, 2020
Use on Laptop, Tablet, and Phone
Save Progress across multiple devices
Ability to Save progress at any time
Ability to Reset your answers as if starting a section new

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Academic Plan - academic savings
for the 2020 Academic Year

All PGY4s and above get Board Prep Questions
and Board Prep Vignettes to September 2020

This plan is only for psychiatry residency programs
Questions normally cost $450/yr per user
Vignettes normally cost $450/yr per user

Example of savings:
A program of 16 residents and 4 fellows:
Each person would normally pay: 8 x $450 (for Questions) = $3,600 8 x $450 (for Vignettes) = $3,600 TOTAL = $7,200 without the discount
But with this Academic Plan
you save over $5,000

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Each Part contains a block of questions, between 20 to 30, so you gain the advantage of going through questions quickly while grading with ease. You’re not slowed down going through hundreds of questions one at a time like the format found at other companies.


Stand-alone questions covering each ABPN topic

Each section contains multiple choice practice questions except for the last two which are for reference. You can save your progress within each section, and reset each section to start fresh. These questions cover each ABPN category as you can see.